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Your Goals Clarified
Your Finances Organized
Your Life Simplified

Financial Planning For Busy Tech Professionals 

Why Rivermark?


We are compensated exclusively by the fees paid by our clients. No sales pitches, no commissions, and no third-party payments.


We have a legal and ethical obligation to put your interests first and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Objective Advice

Managing your own money is difficult due to the role that emotions play. Having an objective voice by your side can help you to avoid costly mistakes.

Flexibility & Convenience

We operate as a virtual practice.  We’ll meet via phone or video chat and we’re always available to our clients by email.  We keep flexible hours so busy professionals can schedule us at their convenience.

Personal & Collaborative

You’ll work with a dedicated advisor so you have continuity and personalized service. We ask you to share your thoughts and opinions and to keep us informed as life happens.

As Needed or Ongoing

Whether you just have one or two financial issues you need help with or you need a professional to look at your total financial picture, we are here to help.

Who We Serve

We have chosen to focus on serving families in their 30’s & 40’s because we see a genuine need for competent financial advice and support in this phase of life. Below are some groups that we have designed our processes to serve. It’s not required that you fit in perfectly with one of them, but the more you associate yourself with these groups, the more likely our services are designed for you.


Dual Career Households


Families with Young Children