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Get the financial guidance and support that you need on your terms.

Learn more about the 3 ways we can work together and the fees and features included in each solution.

One-Time Financial Plan 

Financial plan development + DIY plan implementation


$2,000 - $4,000

(based on complexitY)

Best For:

  • DIY clients that just want a financial roadmap or professional validation of their current strategy

Financial Wellness Program

Financial plan development + implementation support


Plan Development Fee + Subscription*

*Starts at $2,400/Year

Best for:

  • 'Hands on' with managing your finances but want ongoing access to professional advice
  • Majority of net worth tied up in home equity, 401k, and equity compensation 

Investment Management

Financial plan development + implementation support + portfolio management 


Plan Development Fee

+ % AUM**

**Starts at 1.00% x Assets under management

Best For:

  • Limited or no experience managing investments
  • Large equity or windfall event (i.e. IPO, Acquisition)
  • Highly concentrated current portfolio

Schedule Your Complimentary CLIENT FIT Meeting

What does Plan Development include?

Even if you have clarity on the primary objectives of financial planning, you still might not have a clear vision on how the advice will be presented to you or exactly what you can expect to learn from the final output.  Having a clear idea about the deliverables you will receive and how detailed the advice will be can give you a better basis to evaluate the cost/benefit equation.  Below is a summary of the specific deliverables you will receive by the conclusion of Plan Development. 

  • Financial Wellness Assessment: We start all new engagements with an assessment of your current financial health across a wide range of metrics that are fundamental to having financial security now and achieving financial independence in the future.  This lets us know where you are in your wealth journey and highlights any areas requiring more immediate attention.

  • Initial Financial Plan: After compiling your current assets and a complete list of your short and long-term goals, we'll provide you with an analysis that shows the probability of a successful plan (i.e. funding all goals without running out of money) if you keep doing what you're currently doing.  We'll provide specific recommendations to improve your plan and show you how it improves the odds of success.

  • Tax Review: We'll provide a concise tax summary based on your prior year's return that includes recommendations to improve your tax results going forward.

  • Portfolio Review: We'll review your existing investments and how well they are suited to your goals and risk tolerance.  We'll provide recommendations to reposition your portfolio to provide the highest probability of funding your goals.  The Initial Financial Plan will present your investments at the core asset allocation level (stock/bonds/real estate/cash, etc).  The Portfolio Review will provide specific holdings and relative weights for your proposed portfolio.

  • Advice Summary:  We tie together the work from the above deliverables to provide a consolidated list of recommendations and supporting rationale. We'll prioritize your list so you know what needs to be done within the next 90 days and what can wait until later. 

Which Solution is Right for Me?

We’ve made it easy to compare the features provided in each of our planning and investment management solutions. Check out the chart below - or schedule a Discovery Call to chat through your options. We can hash out the details and help you understand what kind of support makes the most sense for your situation.

One-Time Financial Plan

Financial Wellness Program

Investment Management

Financial Wellness Assessment

Tax Return Review

Investment Portfolio Review

Personal Finance Education & Strategies

Annual Plan Refresh

Personal Finance Dashboard & Portal

Ongoing Coaching & Accountability Partner

Year-round Access to Your Planner 

Email alerts on important tasks

Professionally Managed Portfolio

Investment Policy Statement

Ongoing Portfolio Performance Reporting