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Your Complimentary Client Fit Meeting


Gen X & Gen Y Tech Professionals and Their Families


We start all new engagements with a 20-minute conversation to confirm that our solutions and skills are a good fit for your needs and objectives.


This helps both of us to make an informed decision about working together.

Book Your Complimentary Client Fit Meeting

How Do I Know If I'm a Good Fit?

Gen X / Gen Y Tech Professional

Most of our clients are in their mid 30’s to mid 40’s as a high-earning and dual-income household with young kids.

Equity Comp and High Taxes

The tech industry offers great career opportunities and a potential for high earnings.  Along with that comes more complex equity and tax dynamics that need to be understood and planned for.

Time > Money

No matter how big your bank account is, you can’t buy more time.  But you can leverage some of your money to delegate financial tasks and free up your time to spend with your family.

Still Have Questions? 

Below are some FAQ's:

How does Rivermark make money?

For new client engagements, we charge a fixed fee for developing your financial plan.  The fee is based on the complexity of your situation.  

For plan implementation, ongoing support and advice, we offer a Financial Wellness Program on a subscription basis.  With an active subscription, you get access to professional advice year-round for a fixed monthly cost.  Pricing is based on the complexity of your financial profile.

Investment management services are priced based on assets under management.

If your financial plan shows a need to purchase insurance or annuity products and you choose to work with Rivermark to select and purchase these products, the insurance company pays me a commission for the sale of these products.

Click here for pricing details on all planning and portfolio management solutions.

Do you work virtually?

Yes.  We have a virtual team that can serve you no matter where you are located in the U.S.  A majority of our clients are "local" in the Bay Area, but we also serve clients across the country.

Do you have an asset minimum?

No.  Pricing is based on the complexity of your financial situation, not on the size of your investable assets.  

How are you different than other financial advisors?

We believe there are 3 key strengths in our practice that separate us from other firms:

Tax-focused:  Taxes play a central role in virtually all financial decisions and are the largest expense for high-income families (even bigger than the mortgage!).  We believe that tax planning can add substantial value over time and should be a pillar in the planning process.  We'll include our tax professionals in the planning process or coordinate with your current tax professional.

Flexible pricing solutions: Standard industry pricing requires you to transfer your investable assets to your advisor's custodian (i.e. Schwab, Fidelity, etc) and you are charged an asset-based fee in exchange for the financial advice you are seeking.  We provide a subscription model that allows you to get the advice that you need while keeping your money in place.  If a large portion of your net worth is in home equity, your 401k, and your equity compensation, the subscription can be an ideal pricing model for your planning needs.

Industry-leading technology:  We invest in the industry's leading technology platforms to simplify the process and to enable you to have a complete view of your family's financial situation.  

 Not Quite Ready to Schedule An Appointment?

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